YouthBridge ist ein Projekt der Europäischen Janusz Korczak Akademie in dem Jugendliche unterschiedlichster Herkunft, Muttersprache und Religion ein zweijähriges Leadership-Programm absolvieren. Mit dem neu erworbenen Wissen und Können setzen die Jugendlichen eigene soziale, mediale und kulturelle Initiativen um und bauen Brücken zwischen verschiedenen Communities. YouthBridge schafft in München Vielfalt, Kreativität und Miteinander und bekämpft Hass, Ausgrenzung und Radikalisierung.

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16 hours ago

YouthBridge München

Der Herbst.... 🍂 Zum kalendarischen Herbstanfang haben am sonnigen Wochenende 🌞 alle viele schöne Pläne... Aber YouthBridge ist wieder wie jedes Jahr auf der Fraueninsel! ... See MoreSee Less

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6 days ago

YouthBridge München

Unser erster Tag der offenen Tür übertraf all unsere Erwartungen! 😍

Nach einem Jahresrückblick und einer allgemeinen Präsentation des Projekts teilten sich die YouBies aus allen drei Staffeln in drei Gruppen auf und durchliefen drei Stationen. Dabei lernten sie sich spielerisch kennen, schauten Fotos und Videos der YouthBridge-Highlights an und entwickelten neue Projektideen.

Es war super, alle neuen YouBies kennenzulernen und die YouBies der 1. und 2. Staffel nach der langen Sommerpause wiederzusehen. Danke, dass ihr alle da wart! Der Tag wird uns noch lange im Gedächtnis bleiben, euch auch? 😉 @ Europäische Janusz Korczak Akademie e.V. (EJKA e.V.)
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2 weeks ago

YouthBridge München

After our first collaboration with 🆘 -Kinderdörfer, which was mostly about promoting the #givekidsavoice-movement, we were very excited for our new, upcoming project. We had no clue what was about expect us, the only thing we knew was our mission - we want to build bridges between people from different cultures, religions, communities and it was essential for us to realize that mission in Caldonazzo.
It was quite difficult, because the people from different 🆘 -Kinderdörfer travelled to summer-camp Caldonazzo from all over Europe and they mostly speak the languages of their country, but we needed to understand each other regardless. This time there were groups from Albania, Italy, Bosnia, Austria, Israel and Germany. Of course, it was very useful that the participants in our project are all from different communities and speak several languages: we started in English, if necessary, switched to German, French, Russian, Italian ...
As a result, we could always communicate with other people, for example during the various sport-events like basketball-, football-, ping-pong- and dart- tournaments, during a trip to the mountains, and our ride on the "Dragon-Kanu".
We also decided to do three Activities to unite the entire camp: We created a Treasure-Hunt, organized an Karaoke Evening and an international, welcoming campfire evenings.
This is where the magic happened, because people realized that the language-barrier holding them back to get to know people from other countries became so little, because we could rather focus on beautiful things like gestures, facial expressions, emotions, songs, and dances ...
Especially during our campfire, where we asked people to present famous songs or dances in order to introduce their culture to the rest of the camp, the atmosphere was amazing.
Everybody tried their best to sing along to songs, even though they couldn't understand a single word. People were learning traditional dances from other countries around the campfire.
The whole camp felt never as united.
Now, after this week, we know even better how to build bridges and bring people together. We would like to realize the same and even more next year!
🤗 @ SOS Feriendorf
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